Eating Disorders Project by 3rd CBU

After doing some research students have written dialogues and interviews showing the knowledge gained on this topic.


Enzo Buonassisa, Fabricio Rodriguez
Dialogue between a nutritionist and a patient

Nutritionist: hello:how are you?
Patient: Hi! Well..i’m not feeling very well.
Nutritionist: Ok , let’s talk about your problem
Patient: problem is that. Im not happy with my body and i feel that people watch me because i look bad, i have always compared with my friends. I felt ugly and fat. So i had anorexia and this developed in to bulimia nervosa. I wanted to have a perfect body, to look beautiful but i got obsessed, first, i was on a diet but then. I didn’t want to continue with it. I started eating all kinds of food, after this i was so guilty , that i induced my self vomiting. I didn’t want to get fat.
Nutrictonist: how old are you?
Patient : 15 years old
Nutritionist: well, this is veryconmon in teens since 12 years old to 25 years old people. But it is very import to know whin symptoms you feel. Tellme , please.
Patient: since a time ago i cant slep well. I can’t focus in my studies, I feel cold, more than what is normal. It’s dificulty to me eating, and i feel depressed.
Nutritionist: have you ever used laxatives or taken pills?
Patient: no, i haven’t
Nutritionist: well, your illness is still not so bad . you came early enough to start a good treatment. Medical experts will help you ; and your family will help you too, of curse. You will have a nutritional guide, and you will be supervised by a therapist we are going to control your weight weekly if you follow our instruccions , you will feel happy again with your firends and family, and you will have a normal social life.
Patient: Yes! I want to feel hapy and healty so i will follow the treatment, thank you , very much!
Nutritionist: very good! You have a possitive thinking. See you next monday ! bye!

Melina Carrozzo and Agustina Santander

A dialogue between a doctor and a pacient
Dr: Hello Susan , How are you? Susan: I am sad doctor
Dr: You know.I´m here to help you , please tell me.
Susan: I know it is bad , but I can´t stop I don´t want to be fat
Dr: Susan , you are not alone , you can tell me everything you are here asking for help ... And you will have it , but you have to talk to me.
Susan: I know my illness.I know what I have but I can´t stop! Every time I eat I need to vomit. My mind tells me not to do it , but I see my body and I do it.
Dr: I understand ... What do yo know about it ?
Susan: I suffer from bulimia , I know that I can die but I can´t stop!
Dr: You are here and it is very important ... You want to be good , but it is a very long process , you have to learn how to eat again , and to see you and your body in a good way , in the real way ... We want to help you.
Susan: I feel alone doctor ... I can´t talk with my parents about it , I am a shame.
Dr: If you want , I call them and talk together.You have to do it ! Probably you will be in the clinic for a few days , we need to know how sick you are , and decide what to do.I can talk to your mother right now , She is outside and tell her about it ... what do you think about it?
Susan: Thank you , doctor I am not lonely any more.


PHYSICIAN: Good morning
ASHLEY’S PARENTS: Good morning. We are Ashley’s parents.
PHYSICIAN: Hice to meet you.
ASHLEY’S PARENTS: Hice to meet you.
We are here because of our daughter Ashley .We noticed she’s been behaving strangely recently.
PHYSICIAN: Please sit dawn and tell me what is going on.
ASHLEY’S PARENTS: She is not the same girl. She used to be.
She is aggressive and in a bad mood all the time, and she refuses to eat. She is often looking at her self in the mirror .
We are really worried!
PHYSICIAN: I think she is having eating disorders and you should bring her to see me as soon as possible.
ASHLEY'S PARENTS: Thank you, will be here tomorrow with Ashley , Good bye .
PHYSICIAN: Good bye, see you tomorrow .

Ashley Rodriguez and Lucia Cuezzo
The parents of Guadalupe are at the hispital waiting to the nutrisionist.

A few moments later they come in to the consulting room.
Nutrisionist: Hi! Whats your problem?
Parent: We think that my daugther has an eating disorder: Bulimia
Nutrisionist:What is leading you to think that?
Parent: Because Guadalupe goes to the bathroom all time after eating , and she stays there a lot of time. Do you know what´s happening?
Nutrisionist: Ok. I think that she is vomiting after eating , maybe she don´t feel good with her body. Please try to talk with her, but don´t worry
it´s very common in Bulimia cases. So talk to her and come next week with her and we are going to talk all together. Ok . see you next week.
Parent: Ok! Thank you very much , see you next week. Bye Doctor!.


Dialogue between a physician and parents

Claudia’s parents realized that their daughter was ill, felt bad and was loosing too much weight. After a time, they noticed that their daughter had Anorexia. The parents after talking and discussing over this topic with their daughter, decided to appoint a meeting with an specialist over the matter.
Laura and Victor: Hi Doctor, how are you? Fine?
Doctor Gutierrez: fine, a little bit tired
Laura: we asked for this visit to ask you to help us with our daughter’s problem
Victor: this topic makes us feel very worried because our daughter has anorexia, is not eating well and is physically deteriorating.
Doctor Gutierrez: Anorexia is a problem that must be treated very carefully and is a delicate topic.Generally, the principal cause of this matter is psychological. Your daughter had a problem at school, was discriminated, o something similar?
Laura: Yes, I remember she fighted with a school-mate because she told my daughter that she was fat, she insulted her, etc…, also, she has other problems. My daughter is introverted and doesn´r relate much with others.
Victor: what surprises me is that she never told us anything and we have a good relation and confidence.
Doctor Gutierrez: these cases of anorexia are very common and frequent because the person that has anorexia feels cohibited, discriminated because people insult them, or feels rejected and this leads them to this illness. So to “fit” in this society they loose excessive weight or try to have the perfect body to “fit” and be “fashion”.
Laura: what surprises me is that our daughter didn’t tell us anything before.
Victor: we love her a lot and are very confident. We help her in everything and are very joined. I don’t understand.
Doctor Gutierrez: so is anorexia. People that suffer form it are very shamed, have panic from being rejected by others and offences they receive demoralize them a lot. At the beginning this illness begins as a physiological problem but when the person decides to not eat, the body doesn’t work properly and begins to deteriorate and then it becomes an Illness.
Laura: Thanks God that we caught this problem at time
Victor: How can we revert this situation?
Doctor Gutierrez: Fortunately, you caught it at time and there are still chances to revert the situation. The advices I can give you are the following: give her a lot of Love and affection, watch her all times, never leave her alone, instill her values, tell her the important that Life is, and that way she’ll be better. Another thing you must consider is feeding, you should consult a nutritionist that would indicate the correct food for your daughter. It is also important to check for any other illness or problem and in that case take her to a Hospital to be cured.
Laura and Victor: ok doctor, thanks a lot for everything. We’ll keep in touch.
Doctor Huyeres: You too. Don’t worry that you’re daughter will be fine.

Gabriel Bergas, Joaquin karacachian & Diego Papa

- Mother and father: hello doctor.
- Doctor: hello Mr. And Mrs. Johnson, after a little cession whit your daughter I have some questions then maybe can explain the problem then she have. Did she usually lock himself in the bathroom after any meals?
- Mother: well she doesn’t come to lunch too much, and she lock up in the bathroom after lunch.
- Father: I can never imagine then that can be a problem.
- Doctor: well it is, maybe she do it to vomit the food then she eat earlier. Did she see fashion magazines or there friends are skinny?
- Mother: yes I found fashion magazines and I see her watching TV shows whit models and skin celebrities.
- Father: and her friends are thinner then she.
- Doctor: I see. I believe then tell to both of you then I am sure then Gabriella has the decease anorexia nervosa.
- Father: anorexia nervosa, what’s that, what do she have to do to get better?
- Mother: o no, I’ve reading about this, but are you sure then our daughter have anorexia?
- Doctor: well is hard to say it, but I am sure. It’s the answer of what do she has doing in the bathroom after the meals, and her donation to eat and her obsession whit her body image. Are the most usual symptoms for anorexia or bulimia, these are eating disorders and there are no pills for thin kind of decease.
- Father: eating disorders... shi is only thin that’s not a decease. She is a normal girl.
- Mother: Carl please don’t be so negative about this, Gabriella got a problem and she need our help.
- Doctor: and that’s the way to cure her the only thing you need to do its follow some instructions.
- Father: its okay we are going to follow those instructions.
- Doctor: that is exactly what she need the acceptation and support of her family. What both of you need to do is to control every meal, and don’t allow her to see herself into a mirror, because she can believe then she is fat and make it worse. And talk to both of you so she can share her problems.
- Father: okay control his meals talk to her I believe we can do that.
- Mother: thanks very much to help us whit Gabriella’s problems. We are going to follow all the instructions then you give us.
- Doctor: it was a pleasure, I want to see all of you next week to see how it’s progressing.
- Mother and Father: goodbye Doctor Smith.
- Doctor: goodbye Mr. And Mrs. Johnson

Dialogue between a doctor with a parent’s.

PARENT´S: So, what is the problem doctor with our son?
DOCTOR: Well its simple to know, don’t be panic but your daughter is bulimia.
PARENT´S: What?? It can’t be possible, are you’re sure?
DOCTOR: Yes totally sure
PARENT´S: No! This is tragedy what are we going to do?
DOCTOR: Well first of all I’m going to tall you some treatment for your sun.
PARENT´S: Ohh plis!
DOCTOR: The treatment is very long. But is work! Your sun is very sad, you must give her love. And you must have patience
PARENT´S: We do the better for her. But she didn’t accept her sick. And she is very aggressive and we don’t understand.
DOCTOR: This happening and incident is produced because she didn’t eat and have ups and downs. This produced the bad humour.
To begin the doctor’s given her to feed, then teach care and love her body.We open her eyes, and demonstrate the beautiful person that she is.We get better her self esteem. But you have to rest her. And stay with her old the time.
PARENT´S: We have to intern her?
DOCTOR: Yes. The first moment then she going to home and she be review for a nutritionist, every day, for control her weight
PARENT`S: (MOTHER) I really want her discharge. I’m very desesperate!
DOCTOR: Don’t worry the first step is doing. You must annotate with my secretary then she call you and say the others things.
PARENT´S: From now thanks! It was a placer. Thanks, thanks
DOCTOR: You’re welcome. I see you soon. Bye!

Federico Calzetti and Klaus Taubenschlag
Dialogue between a nutritionist and a patient with an eating disorder

NUTRITIONIST: Hello ,can I help you?
PATIENT: Well, I have a problem with my weight, you see.
NUTRITIONIST: Do you really think you are overweight.?
PATIENT: Yes, look at me, I fell like a cow.
NUSTRITIONIST: Are you taking laxatives?
PATIENT: Well, er er…
NUTRITIONIST: According to your image, I think you are not overweight.
PATIENT :But, when I look at myself in the mirror ,I can see that I am fat.
NUTRITIONIST: I don’t think so, do you eat regularly?
PATIENT: Sometimes, I don’t eat but when I´ m at home alone, I eat lots of food, and then…
PATIENT: I fell bad, guilty, so I go to the toilette and I vomit.
NUSTRITIONIST: Well , you should follow a program with different doctors because I think that you are suffering an eating disorder.
PATIENT: Ok, tell me .Y will follow your instructions.
NUTRITIONIST: Ok, we’ll begin with the program when you are ready.

Ary Elquin
Dialogue between a patient and a doctor.

_Doctor: hello, how are you?
_Patient: Im not very well, I fell very tired and I ate a lot of things lasts weeks.I think i have a problem.
_Doctor: tell me why do you think you have this problem?
_Patient: I dont know, I allways been fat.
_Doctor:I think you have an eating disorder and you must follow a program.Did you have any problem with your family or in your work?
_Patien: oh yes, I lost my work last week and I was really exhausted.
_Doctor: do you take laxatives?
_Patient:yes, becose i need it.
_Doctor:Don eat them anymore. dont worry, shust try to be relax.Im going to give you this pildors and you are going to feel ok.
_Patient: thanks a lot, bye.
_Doctor: your welcome see you later.

Nicolás Salto and Juan Pablo Ardiles
Dialogue between a nutritionist and a patient

N: nutrisionist
S: susan (patient)

N: Hello susan ! why are you here
S : I¨m not felling well . I am always tired anda depresed when i look at my self in te mirror i think i am very fat . Because of it I dont went to eat and perhaps this is why I am so tired all day long
N : you know you problem is called ANOREXIA eating disorders are very common in a culture obssessed with fast food diet and corporal image
S : I dont want to eat but when I eat I have fast food
N : dont eat dangerous and unhealthy food if you are not satisfied wite you body this way of srowishment may turn into eating disorders
S : I see , but sometimes I eat so much that after a short time I vomit everything I have eaten before
N : Ok. This is other way of eating disorder It”s called BULIMIA
S : well, what can I do to have a good diet ?
N : you should start eating vegetables , meat and helthy food avoid fast food and you”ll feel well and get thinner is a short time . You are young , dont ruin you body because of food
S : I”ll do any best . when can I see you again ?
N : Do the diet as strictly as you can and I”ll control your weight in a month . remenber these disorder may be fatal if they are not theated
S : thank you good bye
N : good bye see you next month